Saturday, April 18, 2009


The rest of the fundraising for Portugal was amazing. God showed up in ways we never could have expected (as He usually does). Going into the night of the benefit concert/auction we had just under half of our goal of 1125 Euros, but between taking donations at the door and the auction, we made over and above- 1203 Euros! The big item was a day with Krin, which sold for 160 euros. 

The actual trip was also a huge success. There were 15 people who went from En Vivo, including several students. They had an amazing time working on the house which is to be completed by another team at the end of this month and given to the family. This project will be a huge blessing to this family and also to all of the teams who helped to make it possible. Thank you for your prayers for the preparations and the trip itself. You are just as much a part of this as all of us are. 

For the second half of Semana Santa, we were all on different vacations across Spain. Koral, Kelly and Meredith went to San Sebastian on the Northern Coast. Cassie and Rebecca (along with 2 EV team members) to Valencia on the east coast. Krin drove with some Spanish students to explore Andalucia and Jared went to Seville with some friends. We all really enjoyed the break for a few days and everyone made it safely back to Salamanca. Everyone came back ready to hit the ground running and make the most of our last month here. Please be with us in prayer that we are given as many opportunities as possible to share with the students and that God will open doors for us to spread His light in Salamanca.

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