Friday, February 20, 2009

You bring me hope

We have now been in Salamanca for just over a month and a half! It is amazing how the time has flown by. We are all growing together and in our relationships with students here. We are trying to really challenge ourselves to meet new people, and also to take people through the full cycle of En Vivo. Ideally, the first event that a new student will come to is Cafe Ingles. This event is the most new student friendly and has the most opportunity for us to be able to spend time with them. The next step is lunch at Tertulia or the non-bible study hang out night. Tertulia is a little more focused, we are usually talking to the people that we sit with instead of roaming from student to student. Hang out nights are fun for us, because we get a chance to be out of the house and meet with Spaniards in a different environment. (Last thursday we had 11 or 12 people show up to hang out with us!) Once we feel that they are ready, we encourage them to come to a bible study thursday. As we are doing life with them in this way, we are sharing pieces of ourselves and the hope that we have found in God. 

On Dia de San Valentin, we had an event called cene and cine or dinner and a movie! It was a huge success! We were not sure how many people would come out with us because Valentine's Day here is not as big of a deal as it is in the states. We all met in the plaza and tried to go to dinner at Telepizza, but there were too many people for us all to fit. So we walked a few blocks to Pizza Hut and we still couldn't fit! So, we decided to get pizza to go and walk back to En Vivo to eat. We must have looked funny walking around Salamanca, dressed up and carrying like 10 pizzas. We watched Hitch at the house (in Spanish of course) and had a great time together. 

This week we did a little bit of outreach at the comedors (like cafeterias) with Ansley and Whitney. We split into groups of 3 and went to 3 different places for lunch. After we got our food, we found strangers, sat with them and started a conversation. Hopefully this will lead to some new faces around En Vivo and new friends for us!

En Vivo has a new website! David unveiled it to us this morning and it is amazing. Please be aware that it is going to be a work in progress for a while, so there may be a few glitches still. Check it out when you have time!

Please continue to pray with us for the students of Salamanca: for those that we are already building relationships with, and those who we are just meeting or have not met yet! Also prayers for our financial situations, so that we can continue our work here without worries of money. And finally please pray for our relationships with each other and the team. Even through our differences, we need to continue to function together as a whole. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. 

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