Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Next weekend (the 13th through 15th) we leave for Campamento! For this retreat, we will be heading to Pinos Reales, a camp near Madrid, to spend the weekend with the students. There will be games, talks, skits and of course annual Flamenco Futbal tournament. This is where the boys have to play soccer while hopping one on foot, but the girls get to play normal. We already have about 20 students signed up to go with us! 

Please pray for us as we are preparing for and promoting this retreat. We want to bring as many students as possible so that we may bring them into a closer encounter with God. Please also pray for Hernan as he is preparing to speak for the weekend. And of course for the students, that they will want to come and bring open hearts and minds. 

Cold Comedor

We are about to leave for our second cold outreach at the cafeterias. We are going to try and meet some new students to bring into the ministry. Please pray for the students we will be meeting today and that they will be interested in forming relationships with us!

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